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  1. Data members is also called?

  1. C++ actually supports the following two complete dynamic systems?
    One defined by C++ and the other not defined by C
    One defined by C and one specific to C++
    Both are specific to C++
    Both of them are improvements of C

  1. Who is father of C++ Language?
    Dr. E.F. Codd
    James A. Gosling
    Bjarne Stroustrup
    Dennis Ritchie

  1. Super classes are also called Parent classes/Base classes.

  1. The parameter list in function overloading must differ by?
    Number of functions
    Function Size
    Function Name
    Number of argument

  1. What features make C++ so powerful?
    Easy implementation
    Code reusability
    Easy memory management
    All the above

  1. Which of the following operators can not be overloaded in C+ +?

  1. If class A inherits from class B, then B is called _______ of A. A is called ________ of B.
    Super class, Sub class
    Subclass, Super class
    Abstract class, Base Class
    Child class, Sub Class

  1. It is not possible to achieve inheritance of structures in c++?

  1. What is pointer?
    The variable that stores the reference to another variable
    The variable that stores reference of garbage variable
    The variable that stores the memory address of another variable
    A & C Both

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